Southern Cross Herbal School

The Southern Cross Herbal School offers a variety of courses and module units, primarily via distance learning.  Most module units and individual seminars can be taken on a stand alone basis for personal interest and development.

Available Courses:

HBM100 Botanical Medicine AID100 Australian Indigenous Herbs
Professional Extension Diploma Two-Day Seminar
Progressive lectures on herbal Materia Medica and herbal treatments for each body system. Includes introductory lecture on active herbal principles and a final lecture on toxicology.

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Denis Stewart presents the habitat, preparation and medicinal action of Australian native medicinal herbs. Both Aboriginal and non-native applications and perceptions are discussed.
Format: DVDs ( twelve sessions) Format: DVD
Advantages: An experienced teacher is available to guide you through the courses, grading each session personally. The dvd format allows you to move at your own pace.

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For additional information on this course please email us at